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Our History

 Ketchikan Soap Co founders Rafael  & Samina met as kids in school. After some time they had gone they're own  paths and each working on they're own soap recipes. After 15 years had passed they rekindled and realized they both had a love for making soap! Soon after they opened they're first long dreamed of craft soap shop!  Before deciding on which soap ingredients to use, they thinks about how each scents will affect the person emotionally. Once they have the desired scent they will mix and create a scented art as they call it. When you purchase our soap you not only are taking a piece of hard work, you will be taking a piece of scented art.  Welcome to our soap shop!

Who we are

 After years of practice, Rafy and Samina found that perfect scent that everybody would appreciate. Even since before finally crafting there strong and beautiful scents, they were trying different techniques and combination quantities. Finally they are able to produce top quality product and present to you a piece of scented art. This collection reflects they're time in Ketchikan, Alaska and the scents that remind them of each place.  So enjoy the collection and fall in love with Ketchikan!

Why Us?

When you buy at Ketchikan Soap Co  you are buying a piece of homemade goodness. Each soap is carefully made and uses only the finest ingredients.


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